United States Consulate, Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
Client: United States Department of State

Working with the architectural firm of ZGF in Portland and the design firm of Mia Lin, these water features were created with the artist to provide perfectly calm water surfaces within the design of sundials. The entry fountain was designed to provide a thin film of water over the 8 meter (26.2 foot) diameter and to spill into a thin perimeter slot and return to a surge tank. Each granite panel had to be water jet cut to match perfectly with the score marks of the months of the year as well as the time of day lines. The entire hydraulic system is concealed beneath the granite panels, and the joints in the granite provide the openings for the water to flow out and flood over the granite top. A custom LED fixture was designed to fit into the granite panels and provide individual light sources along the datelines scribed into the granite. The entire fountain was completed after the building had been finished.