Design Services- What We Do

Waterline Studios’ design team can provide services for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Architectural fountains
  • Interactive water features
  • Themed environments
  • Lake and stream systems
  • Multi-purpose water features + water elements
  • Botanical + children’s gardens
  • Resort pools
  • Water feature renovation

Multi-Purpose Water Features

Our clients, and the public who enjoys a completed project, are more aware than ever before of the need to conserve water. With this in mind, Waterline Studios is well-versed in the complexities of responsible and practical water use. Our designs are frequently multi-functional, allowing for stormwater retention and reuse, water quality management and public health considerations, in addition to aesthetic value. Waterline Studios is also proficient in designs that utilize raw water or treated effluent in lieu of potable water.

Water Feature Renovation

The long-standing attraction of water is apparent in the fact that many water features have become historic or cultural landmarks. However, many of these older features have suffered from poor maintenance or outdated design to the point of becoming inoperable.

Waterline Studios can help bring these important civic landmarks back to life. Water feature renovation services include an initial survey of the feature, a detailed analysis of its mechanical and electrical systems, refurbishment cost studies and redesigned hydraulics, updates to electrical and waterproofi ng systems, and restoration of structures and finishes. In the case of water features containing artwork and sculpture, we frequently work directly with local historic preservation groups.

Systems Design

Waterline Studios’ designers keep abreast of the latest relevant technology, products and installation techniques, and work to include these innovations into the client’s design wherever the client’s requirements and budget allow. We are proficient in the latest developments in the design of aeration, recirculation, chemical injection and filtration systems.

Our 24 years of experience with a variety of water features has bequeathed a fundamental understanding of the balance between quality and maintenance costs. A central part of our system design process involves specifying the equipment best suited for the particular project based on cost, durability, availability, maintenance and performance.

Water Feature Design Services:

  • Water feature master planning + conceptual design
  • Water effects design development
  • Hydraulic + electrical design
  • Operational cost studies
  • Prototype development + testing
  • Custom water effects
  • Underwater + landscape lighting design
  • Construction documentation
  • Grading, earthwork + lining
  • Lake + stream design
  • Tender + construction review services
  • Finishes detailing and/or review
  • O & M manuals + maintenance personnel training
  • Artwork coordination
  • Water feature renovation services

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