Design Development

  • Further develop and delineate the water effects to provide some definition of size, quantity and scale for the purpose of sizing the hydraulic support systems.
  • Determine the appropriate lighting methods for the water display elements.
  • Start to bring definition to the pool, basins and weir profiles in order to access the impact on the surrounding architecture or landscape.
  • Preliminary determination of the equipment space required to support the water display and pool volume, as well as its relationship to the pools.
  • Lead discussions pertaining to water quality and public health issues related to water features as well as maintenance burdens to be expected.
  • Provide discussions on maintenance as the design progresses.
  • Discuss the operational constraints with respect to wind and splash and noise.
  • Begin discussions with other consultants whose work is affected by the water features, i.e., structural, civil, architectural, landscape, lighting and MEP.
  • Further develop cost estimates based on the design.

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