Waterproofing is always the one thing that gets left off or ignored by most disciplines, hoping that someone else is doing it. In the absence of a waterproofing consultant, waterproofing of a fountain can be accomplished in a number of ways:

  1. Integral to the concrete: With admixtures and higher compressive strength pours, concrete can be made waterproof. This would put the scope within the structural engineer’s work.
  2. Topical application: Depending on which kind of product is used, the concrete is coated with material to make it watertight. The product can be either fluid-applied or cementitous. If fluid-applied material is used, its compatibility with the methods of attachment for the finishes must be considered. This scope is usually under the architect, landscape architect or structural engineer.
  3. Topical application, part of grouting system: Some manufactures have complete systems to waterproof basins that work with a waterproofing material, a leveling bed and a mortar and grout system for the finishes. This scope is under the architect or landscape architect responsible for the finishes.

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